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Reverse Advanced diabetic & non-diabetic dry foot gangrene in toes. Stop progression of gangrene to avoid foot or leg amputation.  Remedios naturales para la gangrena | Medicina alternativa para la gangrena | Detener el avance de la gangrena | Gangrena en los pies    Remèdes naturels pour la gangrène | Remèdes doux pour la gangrène | Arrêter la progression de la gangrène | Gangrène sèche du pied    Natürliche Heilmittel gegen Wundbrand Gangrän | Alternative Heilmittel gegen Wundbrand | Stoppen Sie das Fortschreiten von Wundbrand | Trockener Wundbrand    Kanadyjski preparat Clear-G Formula: Naturalna metoda wspomagania leczenia gangreny stopy cukrzycowej
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Foot Gangrene Controlled Naturally - How to Stop Progression of Gangrene and Prevent Amputation Naturally
Halt the Progression of Gangrene and Prevent Amputation Naturally
 Reverse Stop Progression of Gangrene and Prevent Amputation with Gangrene Clear-G Formula
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Foot Gangrene Reversed Nutritionally: Free Pamphlet Reverse Foot GangreneL: FREE e-Pamphlet

Our free e-pamphlet focuses on the nutritional approach to foot gangrene as a common complication of diabetes and/or a secondary effect of atherosclerosis.

As a safe and effective alternative to drugs or sugery, in most cases, the nutritional revascularization is able to prevent and/or halt the progression of this life-threatening condtion by improving and/or restoring the impaired circulation in the affected areas.

At Full of Health, we know it works for two major reasons.

  • First, we have tested and proven it for over twenty years.
  • Second, we have recommended this method to thousands of our clients and customers, and it has worked for every single person who has seriously applied it.

Gangrene Clearing Formula - This Story Speaks for Itself Testimonial: "My Father Was Getting Ready to Die"

 K. Gibson's father, January 2008. In two months Gangrene Clear-G Formula stopped the progression of gangrene in his right foot that had underone transmetatarsal amputation (TMA)

Dear Andrew:

I contacted you last year in early December about my father's condition.

He had undergone 2 different surgeries on his right foot: one to remove the 2 outside toes, and then a year later the 3 middle toes. At that time, they also did a bypass and thought my father would be OK.

He had tried IV chelation a few years ago, and I think that helped him some. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to continue the treatments.

Early December, when gangrene in his right foot set in, my father was getting ready to die. The only option he was given by the doctors was below the knee amputation without any guarantee of success. He turned that down. The surgeon had also told my father that basically all his arteries below his knee were “just hanging there like strings.”

I had read enough even then to know that without treating the underlying problem, at best everything being done was no more than putting a band-aid on a huge problem.

Fortunately, as I was looking for information on managing the pain for gangrene, I ran across your website.

Today, he is still walking OK and there is no smell (only 2 months after the gangrene began to set in). He is relatively pain free and hopeful that he has some time left (he says he is too ornery to die).

When I first spoke with you, you said there was perhaps a 50/50 chance that your Formula would help my father, so he agreed to try it.

As far as I am concerned, if not for your product, he may not have made his 80th birthday earlier this month, or if he had, I don’t think he would have been as relatively pain free and in a good condition as he was.

When I ask him, he comments that he is sleeping well at night, without foot pain waking him up. I know when his toes were gangrenous and pain at night was a big problem for him.

My sister, who does not see him as frequently as I do, also commented that his color was looking better than it has in a long time.

Thank you for your product. I believe that it is responsible for giving my father some additional time with good quality.

I have attached a picture of his foot from the bottom. While I am certainly no expert, it seems to me that the foot is healing. I was even able to remove a large section of dead skin off of the top of the foot this morning and underneath the skin seemed pink and healthy.

I am so thankful for this Formula and plan to share the results my father has had with the podiatrist he had been working with. He works with many diabetic patients and is open to alternative therapies. He might find this interesting.

Thank you again. I'll let you know how things go in the upcoming months.

Karen Gibson
Hermitage, TN

 K. Gibson's father, May 2008. The foot now appears to be totally healed by taking the Gangrene Clear-G Formula.
 AFTER (1/2) 
Dear Andrew:

I just wanted to let you know that my dad's foot now appears to be TOTALLY healed.

The 'scab' came off about a week or so ago and the tissue is healthier than it has looked in years.

Here are the pictures of his foot as it is now.

I took my father to see his podiatrist last week and he was very happy to see the condition of my father's foot. I brought him an empty jar of your formula.

 K. Gibson's father, May 2008. The foot now appears to be totally healed by taking the Gangrene Clear-G Formula.
 AFTER (2/2) 
This doctor works with a lot of diabetic patients, perhaps he can steer others your way if they develop gangrene.

Thank you again for the work you have done to create this product!


P.S. Finding your formula was a specific answer to a specific prayer...

    * The testimonial above is a true, documented story. It has been reviewed, however, it is the sole opinion of the listed individual.

Reverse Foot Gangrene Users' Feedback: Comments Testimonials Read more testimonials...

Gangrene Clear-G Formula: Testimonials "A Skeptical Friend Thought We Were Wasting Our Money"

Dear Andrew:

My mother got gangrene in January 2006 and has been taking your product since August that year. The hospital has witnessed the arresting of the gangrene but - by a strange and seemingly universal quirk of psyche - it seems to prefer to overlook the incredible effectiveness of your Formula - a product which is outside of the pharmaceutical industry.

A skeptical friend who thought we were wasting our money conceded that he was incredibly surprised but very pleased to see my mother's health improve. He had even spoken to his own doctor whose prognosis was obviously pretty daunting and whose resources typically limited.

We frequently give people your website address.

I might add that my mum was using insulin injections (which made her look rather yellow), but with this has stopped as her blood sugar reading is almost always under 7 - last night it was 5.7 when we checked.

In England, hospitals haven't a clue about advising people around diet - the mind-set is very limited and very little common intelligence is applied. They are expert at "propping people up" in the case of diabetes but certainly not of handling it in the way, for instance, that you are.

As far my mum is concerned this has been a miraculous product. It is certainly not a hoax. What you are doing is incredibly worthwhile, and we do thank you enormously - every day!

Very best wishes,

Jane Gregory
Cheshire, United Kingdom

    * The testimonial above is a true, documented story. It has been reviewed, however, it is the sole opinion of the listed individual.

Reverse Foot Gangrene Users' Feedback: Comments Testimonials Read more testimonials...

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