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Foot Gangrene Controlled Naturally - How to Stop Progression of Gangrene and Prevent Amputation Naturally
Halt the Progression of Gangrene and Prevent Amputation Naturally
 Reverse Stop Progression of Gangrene and Prevent Amputation with Gangrene Clear-G Formula

The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.  
(Chinese proverb)

Foot Gangrene Controlled Nutritionally | Clear-G Formula Reverse Foot Gangrene: Eating Plan

A diet to improve circulation omits alcohol and sugar - as they stimulate lipids (fats) production. Therefore, you should:


    ALL sugars such as

    • concentrated sweets: table sugar (sucrose), cane sugar, brown sugar, Turbinado sugar, Demerara sugar, powdered sugar, honey, syrups (especially high fructose corn syrup as a substitute sweetener for sucrose-table sugar added to fruit juices, sodas, and other beverages), preserves, molasses, jams, jellies, and candies
    • desserts-baked goods: pies, cakes, cookies, crackers, frosting, pastries, doughnuts, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and regular or sweetened gelatin
    • beverages: fruit juices, fruit drinks, fruit punches, regular sodas, carbonated pop, colas, aid drinks, smoothies, sports drinks, sweetened coffee drinks, mocha, and chocolate drinks
    • high-sweet and sweet fruits (fresh or dried): grape (red and green), raisin, plum, fig, date, pineapple, apricot, melons (cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon), banana, orange
    • other foods: sweetened cereals, flavored yogurts, and sports or energy bars

    Alcohol such as

    • beer
    • wine
    • hard liquor
    • liqueurs (usually sweetened alcoholic liquors)


    • red meat, especially fried, changing it to broiled or roasted poultry (turkey, chicken), preferably free-range.

    ADD More:

    • dark green leafy vegetables.

Although the dietary restrictions advised to help lower triglycerides may seem hard, it is heartening to realize you can achieve significant improvement without medication - if you put your mind to it.

Foot Gangrene Reversed Nutritionally - Why Sugar and Alcohol? Why No Sugar and Alcohol?

Sugar is harmful to human health! Unfortunately, many people are actually addicted to sugar, and this includes grains, which are rapidly broken down into sugar in your body.

In order to free yourself of the physical addiction, complete avoidance of all sugar and grains is necessary. Complete abstinence resolves the biochemical addiction, however, it will be very important to eat every two hours during this transition to avoid symptoms of hypoglycemia. This is usually necessary for several days to several weeks.

Both sugar and alcohol (fermented sugar!) are a source of excess calories which are being turned into fat - so the fat levels in your blood go up.

After your lipids level goes back to normal, you will have to follow a modified sugar and alcohol diet for the rest of your life.

Foot Gangrene Controlled Nutritionally At 45+ - Diet Therapy for Gangrene Reverse Foot Gangrene: Advanced Eating Plan

It is necessary to change your food habits and preferences by paying more attention to the foods you eat - their type, amount, and quality. Re-educating and reprogramming your dietary habits is not actually hard to do - if you do it right.

One good way to do that is to make your new food preferences delicious, and the experience fun, although this may require some preplanning.

Here are the optimal dietary guidelines that you should give serious consideration. At first, they seem hard to follow. However, you do not have to make yourself a social outcast with most of your family and friends, by following all recommendations to the letter.


    • Sugar (in ALL forms) - limiting sugar is CRITICAL!!!
    • Aspartame (NutraSweet or Equal)
    • Sucralose - (Splenda)
    • Trans fatty acids (all fried foods and margarine)
    • MSG - artificial chemical (may not be listed in ingredients)
    • All artificial preservatives and chemicals, if possible.

Nutritional Gangrene Control: Improving Circulation With Diet Continue reading this article...

Foot Gangrene Reversed Nutritionally - Low Grain, No Sugar Diet "What Am I Supposed to Eat?!"

There is no question that healthier food choices will work for you. However, following any dietary recommendations is a challenge.

First of all, you don't have the time to:

  • go to a library or a bookstore and pick up a few cookbooks, so you could start the program, or
  • compile the recipes (if any) to implement the food recommendations.

Therefore, as a result, very few people are able to successfully implement recommended dietary changes.

However, if you really want to eat right, here's great news... The final ANSWER to your question: "What Am I Going To Eat?"

Nutritional Gangrene Control: Restoring Impaired Circulation With Diet Continue reading this article...

Foot Gangrene Reversed Nutritionally - The Worst Foods to Eat Five Food Types to Absolutely Avoid

The following foods are so bad for your body that there is no any reason to eat them. Not only do they have zero nutritional value, but they also give your body quite a dose of toxins.

1. Doughnuts:

  • fried in vegetable oils, therefore, high in trans fat (store-bought doughnuts contain 35-40 per cent trans fat!)
  • high in sugar (an average doughnut contains about 200-300 calories, mostly from sugar, and few other nutrients)
  • full of white flour (in most varieties).

Nutritionally speaking, eating a doughnut is one of the worst ways to start off your day. It will through off your blood sugar and won’t stay with you so you’ll be hungry again soon. You are better off eating no breakfast at all...

2. Soda (both Regular and "Diet"):

  • high in sugar (one can of soda has about 10 teaspoons of sugar - 150 calories)
  • high in caffeine (30 to 55 mg of caffeine per one can of soda)
  • loaded with artificial food colors and sulphites
  • filled with harmful artificial sweeteners like aspartame - NutraSweet, Equal (in the "diet" varieties).

Nutritionally speaking, drinking soda leads to nutrient deficiencies, osteoporosis, obesity, tooth decay and heart disease; yet, the average American drinks an estimated 56 gallons of soft drinks each year (!)

Especially threatening is the consumption of soft drinks among children. Unfortunately, schools often make marketing deals with leading soft drink companies in exchange for their students’ health (most school hallways are lined with soda-filled vending machines!).

One of the simplest and most profound health improvements you can make is to eliminate soda from your diet.

3. French Fries (and Nearly All Commercially Fried Foods)

  • high in trans fat (potatoes cooked at high temperatures in vegetable oils)
  • high in free radicals harmful to the body
  • high in acrylamide (up to 82 mcg per serving), a potent cancer-causing chemical formed as a result of unknown chemical reactions during high-temperature frying or baking.

Nutritionally speaking, consuming foods that are fried in vegetable oils contributes to aging, clotting, inflammation, cancer and weight gain.

One French fry is worse for your health than... one cigarette, so you may want to consider this before you order your next ‘Biggie’ order.

4. Chips (Corn, Potato, Tortilla, etc.)

  • high in trans fat (present in most commercial chips)
  • high carcinogenic acrylamide (up to 25 mcg per serving).

5. Fried Non-Fish Seafood (Shrimp, Clams, Oysters, Lobsters, etc.)

  • high in trans fat
  • high in carcinogenic acrylamide
  • high in mercury
  • contaminated with parasites and resistant viruses (they may not even be killed with high heat).

Eating these scavenger animals gives you with every bite a quadruple dose of toxins.

Foot Gangrene Reversed Nutritionally - Food Types to Favour Food Types to Favour

In your journey to a better health, there are quite a few food types to favour.

For beverages, drink mainly water. Among meats, fish is best, especially "safe," or less contaminated fish, such as summer flounder, wild Alaskan salmon, Arctic char, croaker, sardines, haddock, and tilapia.

Then, dark green vegetables. Especially, the cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens, kale, mustard greens, turnip greens, Brussels sprouts) are foods to be favoured. The other, so-called "cooking greens" - i.e. not cruciferous - include beet greens, dandelion greens, spinach, and Swiss chard.

Are raw foods more nutritious than cooked foods? In general, yes, moderately so, as far as vitamins are concerned. However, the distinction between raw and cooked (but not "overcooked"!) foods is probably not worth making.

The goal of this journey to a better health is to devise each day's food intake so as to optimize nutrition and minimize calories from carbohydrates - grains, legumes, starches and, of course, sugars.

There can be "off" days when you eat something from your old habits, but these should gradually be decreased until only about every tenth day is an "off" day at home.

Foot Gangrene Reversed Nutritionally - When Eating Out When Eating Out

Eating out should not be a major problem - do as you like. No fancy desserts, however, except, if you must, on the "off" day or when dining out. In general, if you eat out often, you must be somewhat restrictive.

But when dining out, concentrate mainly on the quality of the diet. For example, don't eat the white bread and butter most restaurant put on the table for you to nibble while you await the main course. Either don't choose a high-fat meat (roast duck, pork, or the like).

Look on the menu for items cooked without added fat: steamed, cooked in own juice, broiled, roasted, or poached would be okay. Avoid items sauteed, fried, braised, creamed, escalloped, pickled, or smoked.

In other words, concentrate on switching toward the highest possible quality of food. You will find it far easier to limit your calories if the quality is high - until you will become accustomed to a better quality diet.

Try your best to adapt to such a diet, or something like it. And don't give up too easily.

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