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Foot Gangrene Reversed Nutritionally: An Extensive Patient-Centered Free Resource for Practical Information on Reversing Dry Foot Gangrene
Halt the Progression of Gangrene and Prevent Amputation Naturally
 Reverse Stop Progression of Gangrene and Prevent Amputation with Gangrene Clear-G Formula

The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.  
(Chinese proverb)

Foot Gangrene Controlled Nutritionally - Gangrene Clearing Formula Reverse Gangrene: How Are You Going to Exercise?

Many clients in our practice, especially "no-exercisers", have found one particular physical activity effective in their gangrene control program - a gentle, slow-motion exercise called Y-DAN.

Low-intensity and not strenuous, Y-DAN produces real health benefits, especially for those who have little or no experience with exercise and find even moderate aerobic exercise unrewarding, even boring!

Y-DAN is a perfect system for those who want to experience the benefits of gentle physical activity effectively, safely, and quickly.

It can be performed any day and anywhere; it requires no special clothing or gear, therefore, it is suitable for older adults who don't identify themselves as 'exercisers'.

Learning and practicing Y-DAN can be beneficial to your cardiovascular health. As a matter of fact, it has amazing healing potential.

It focuses on the "outside" of the body - muscles, tendons, joints, etc., hence its name "Y-Dan," meaning "External Elixir". In that way, this form of exercise is able to

  • improve the inside of the body - the internal organs, cardiovascular system, blood flow, blood triglycerides and other lipids, blood pressure, etc.
  • alleviate pain,
  • prevent gallstones, and even
  • help to lose weight.

Nutritional Gangrene Control - The Nature of Y-Dan The Nature of Y-DAN

The function and the nature of Y-DAN, as a part of another ancient system known as Qigong, is based on the key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine called "Chi," which means the body's energy flow.

Blood circulation, vitality, and overall energy are all enhanced with good Chi. When Chi flows well throughout the body disease never takes root.

Having said that, one of the best ways to improve Chi is through a proper and safe, physical movement of the blood. That's exactly what Y-Dan is all about!

Often compared to T'ai-Chi, another form of Chinese gentle exercise, Y-DAN, however, has a few different features. It is considerably:

  • safer, with no potential for injury
  • less complex, with lower levels of internal work and intense breathing
  • simpler, focused on straightforward physical movements of various joints and muscles
  • easier to learn and grasp, with only 19 movements (as opposed to 108 Taoist T'ai-Chi movements).

As a matter of fact, Y-DAN used to be called the "100 Days Exercise," meaning that you could learn the entire exercise and experience its benefits within 100 days. That's exactly what most of our clients have found out!

Nutritional Gangrene Control - Basic Y-Dan Movements Basic Y-DAN Movements

Y-DAN exercise is separated into two parts. The first part consists of seven movements, which are referred to as "Introduction Movements." They begin with an "Embracing Moon" - the arms lifted over the head, while inhaling, and then slowly lowered, while exhaling. This is an excellent way to begin any exercise. Slow, gentle movements are very relaxing and warming up, especially in the morning.

The second part consists of twelve movements, which are referred to as "Core" or "Main Movements." They start with a "Preparation" and consist of circulation-promoting exercises, particularly of the hands and arms. Some of the later movements involve gentle exercises of the shoulders, wrists, legs, and lower back.

If the movements are done properly, they will stretch and strengthen every part of your body. They are arranged in such a way that they have both a warming up and cooling down effect, especially beneficial to the entire cardiovascular system.

Nutritional Gangene Control - Y-DAN: A Perfect Exercise A Perfect Exercise

Y-DAN is the perfect answer for those who want to take up oriental exercises for improved cardiovascular health, but find them difficult to start and keep up because of the complexity and difficulty of those exercises.

Therefore, many people consider Y-DAN a "perfect exercise" as it

  • fitts readily into your daily life
  • is varied and perceived as fun
  • emphasizes endurance and flexibility
  • does not depend on other people, and
  • can be followed throughout your life.

The beauty of Y-DAN is that anyone can learn it!

  • It becomes a very powerful tool that is yours for life, once you have mastered the simple moves.
  • You need no one to practice it.
  • You can practice it anywhere, any time.
  • There are no appointments to wait for.
  • No needles, drugs or scalpels and no paper work or FDA approval.

There is just you and your abilities.

Y-DAN exercise videotape, recorded by Christopher Wong - certified fitness trainer and Y-Dan instructor - provides clear, step-by-step 30-minute instructions on the nineteen movements and can be easily followed by anyone.

At Full Health Nutrition, we are sure that this excellent slow-motion exercise will do as much for you as it has done for our clients and customers. If other people have benefited from Y-DAN, you can benefit as well.

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